Pravidla ochrany informace o uživatelích webu

This Privacy Policy related to the personal data (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) shall apply to all personal data, which IQ Consultancy can obtain from the User, while using the official Web-site of IQ Consultancy as follows: (hereinafter referred to as “the Web-site”).

IQ Consultancy shall not control and not be liable for the Web-sites of the third parties, which the User can visit due to the links, available at IQ Consultancy Web-site. There can be own privacy policy on the Web-sites of the third parties and the User can be requested or collected other personal data.

This Policy explains, how IQ Consultancy processes and protects personal information of users.

Providing IQ Consultancy with information, required for initiation of the further cooperation, you shall accept its use in accordance with this Policy.

IQ Consultancy uses analytical tools and the third-party technologies such as Google Analytics to collect impersonal data about the users of the Service.

IQ Consultancy shall be obliged to ensure confidentiality of information of all visitors of the Web-site.

1. User Personal Data Obtained and Processed by IQ Consultancy:

1.1 Within this Policy user personal information shall be understood to mean:

1.1.1 Personal data that the User provides about himself in the process of registration of the application on the Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”). Information, obligatory for provision (rendering) of the Services, shall be clearly marked. Such information shall include name, surname, electronic mail, contact telephone number.

1.1.2 Data about visits and use of the Web-site by the User. Each time you visit the Web-site, our servers automatically record information, that your browser sends, whenever you visit Web pages. As a rule, this information activates the requested Web page, computer IP-address, browser type, language settings of the browser, the date and time of the request, referral source, duration of visits and scrolled over pages, as well as one or more cookie files, which may precisely identify your browser.

1.2.1 IQ Consultancy uses cookie files on the Web-site.

1.2.2 IQ Consultancy can send cookie files, which are stored in your browser or your computer memory.

1.2.3 IQ Consultancy can use the information obtained by means of cookie to manage the Web-site, to improve user experience and for the purposes of marketing.

1.2.4 IQ Consultancy also can use this information to identify your computer, when you visit the Web-site, and for personalization of the Web-site for you.

1.2.5 Experts of IQ Consultancy in context of advertising also can send you cookie files.

1.2.6 IQ Consultancy can use anonymous cookie files to obtain information of impersonal nature, such as activity on the Web-site, date and time of visit and type of domain. As well as to use this information for retargeting.

1.3 Link references. On this Web-site link references can be in such a format, which allows monitoring, if the visitors use them. This information shall be used to improve the quality of our advertisement.

2. The Objectives of Processing Personal Information of Users

2.1 IQ Consultancy shall process only that personal data, which is required to render and improve the quality of the Services.

2.2 Personal information of user IQ Consultancy can use for the purposes as follows:

2.2.1 For identification of party within the rendering of the Services.

2.2.2 For provision to the user of personalized Services.

2.2.3 For improvement of the Services quality and development of new one.

2.2.4 For performance of statistical and other studies on the basis of impersonal data.

2.2.5 For the other marketing purposes of the Service.

2.2.6 Implementation and/or performance of functions, powers and obligations, imposed on IQ Consultancy by the legislation.

3. Transfer of User Personal Data to the Third Parties:

3.1 IQ Consultancy shall not provide the third parties with access to your personal data and not disclose your personal data.

3.1.1 Service providers can have access to your personal data, required for performance of their functions, but they do not have a right to disclose or use such data for any other purposes.

3.2 IQ Consultancy shall be entitled to transfer personal information of user to the third parties in the cases as follows:

3.2.1 Transfer is required to achieve goals, performance and exercise of rights, functions, powers and obligations, imposed by the legislation of the country of registration of IQ Consultancy Company.

3.3 IQ Consultancy shall have a right to publish and share with affiliates the generalized information of impersonal nature.

4. Safety of Your Personal Data

4.1 Providing IQ Consultancy with personal data upon registration, you agree to transfer them, as well as agree with the processing and storage.

4.2 IQ Consultancy shall take required and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal data of user against unauthorized or failure access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as against other wrongful acts with personal data of the third parties. You shall realize, that it is impossible to guarantee complete safety of data transfer on the Internet.

4.3 IQ Consultancy shall take all required, within due limits, measures to ensure the safety of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as well as removal of outdated or false or excessive personal data, however, the User shall be responsible for provision of reliable information, as well as for update of the data provided in case of any changes.

4.4 IQ Consultancy shall keep all your personal data at our reliable servers. You shall be responsible for confidentiality of your password. IQ Consultancy shall not ask users to tell us password to their personal accounts.

5. Revision of the Privacy Policy

5.1 From time to time, IQ Consultancy can review the provisions of the Privacy Policy and publish new version on the Web-site. The User shall be obliged to check this page and familiarize himself with changes.